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  • Why trainingigs?
    We think the choice should be yours. We're building a new way for individual professionals and L&D teams to reach training instructors transparently - direct to the knowledge & expertise who will deliver positive and impactful learning experiences. Large training companies often rely on independent instructors, and acting as an opaque barrier between you and them. Our affiliated training instructors are experts in their field, and specialise in delivering the highest quality learning experience. All our courses are live and led by an expert training instructor, so you receive individual support throughout the course, and can ask questions anytime. There are no sales people involved: with trainingigs you can ask any question about the training directly to the instructor that will deliver it. What's more, because we don't have to pay sales commissions, all proceeds go to the training providers.
  • Which delivery formats are available?
    All courses offered on trainingigs are live & interactive, and available in various formats: Scheduled public courses, delivered online or in-person Private (in-house) courses, in standard format or tailored to meet your specific needs Private 1-2-1 tuition We believe that interaction with an expert instructor, and among learners, is a key contributor to a positive and productive learning experience. This is why we do not offer pre-recorded / self-paced courses.
  • Why do I need to create an account?
    If you are interested to book or enquire about a training course or a private tuition directly with one of our independent training providers, then you should sign up for an account. This will allow you to connect and enquire directly with our talented independent training instructors.
  • Do you vet trainers?
    We use 4 layers to ensure the quality of our expert independent trainers. Restricted by-invitation-only membership on the digital marketplace. Only expert trainers with proven track record shall be on-boarded on trainingigs. ​ Accreditation by relevant bodies. Where the training course leads to a professional certification (e.g., Scrum, TOGAF, PECB, AWS) we only accept verified accredited trainers. ​ Feedback on the delivery. We ask previous learners to rate and offer feedback after the completion of each course, which you can read to make your own judgement on the quality of the training material and teaching style. Interview & referrals check. A good "old" interview and referral check may be useful to complete the screening.
  • How do I enrol?
    Once you find a course you want to take, you have two options: click the enquire button to interact and book directly with the training instructor, or email our admin team.
  • Can I see the trainer's profile before enrolling?
    Yes! As well as best value, we promise you'll know who will lead your training at the time of booking, and see his or her profile.
  • Can I ask the trainer questions before choosing a course?
    Yes! Once you create a profile on trainingigs (no subscription needed!) you can send messages to any of our trainers.
  • What is private (1-2-1) tuition?
    Private tuition (or 1-on-1 training) is personalised training provided by some instructors to help learners prepare for certification exams, or learn specific topics needed to reach your full potential. Many of our affiliated training instructors offer private training. If you're interested in 1-2-1 tuition for a specific course, please send an enquiry directly to the training instructor.
  • Do you offer self-paced online courses?
    No. All training courses offered on trainingigs are delivered live (in classroom or remotely) by expert trainers. We believe that having the opportunity to interact and ask questions is essential to a productive learning experience.
  • How do I pay?
    You can enrol directly with the training instructor, and agree a suitable payment option. If you choose to enrol through us, you can choose any credit card, and will benefit from our Buyer's Protection Guarantee. If you would like to book using a company Purchase Order, please contact our admin team. No matter how you pay, there are no hidden fees: you pay the price listed.
  • What is the meaning of "trainingig-economy"?
    The UK Government defines gig economy as "the exchange of labour for money between individuals or companies via digital platforms that actively facilitate matching between providers and customers, on a short-term and payment by task basis”. The term "gig" is a slang word for a job that lasts a specified period of time. Traditionally, the term was used by musicians to define a performance engagement. We coined the term trainingig-economy to mean the application of gig economy to training services. trainingigs® is a registered trademark by Trainingbrite LTD.
  • Is the exam fee included in the course fee?
    For some certifications, exam is included with training. This is typically stated in the course description. You can contact the training instructor directly for detailed information.
  • How do I get started with trainingigs?
    Tell us about your training needs (here), and we'll get back to you with a selection of trainers and quotations.
  • How do you support L&D leaders?
    We assist organizations of all sizes and industries to find instructors and independent training providers that aligns with their unique training needs, business objectives, and culture.
  • What courses can your trainers deliver?
    Our affiliated independent trainers are ready to deliver training hundreds of topics, from a 3 hours standard workshop, to large bespoke international roll outs. Browse our catalogue of courses and network of affiliated training instructors.
  • How does it work?
    If you need an training instructor, please send us some details of your needs (including some information on the syllabus that needs delivering, the modality of delivery, and dates) and we'll source the most suitable trainer available as quickly as we can! If you are happy with the proposed trainer and quote, we connect you directly with the trainer to finalise details.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each request is quoted on an individual basis, depending on the syllabus required, when and where the course is due to run, and availability of the trainer(s). All quotes are priced using 'all inclusive' rates, this keeps it simple so you know exactly what you are paying from the outset. You don't owe us anything; our fee (if applicable) is included in the quote.
  • Why should I sign up?
    We connect you to learners and L&D professionals. If you are offering training services as an independent provider, and want to extend your reach to new clients, then you should sign up for an account.
  • What does it take?
    A great deal of passion for teaching and sharing knowledge Domain expertise with relevant certifications Strong communication and presentation skills A commitment to developing and delivering best-in-class training to a global audience
  • How do I get started with trainingigs?
    You need to create a profile in order to be able to list your training services, and be visible to potential learners and corporate L&D professionals. Creating a profile is completely free, and you are in full control (including its deletion if you're not happy with our service).
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